Turn back pain upside down with the 66fit Inversion Table!

The 66fit Professional Inversion Table is a fully adjustable table built with the professional in mind which allows the user to achieve full inversion by progressing through a maximum of 25 incremental stages.

Designed and built for optimum safety our inversion bench is responsive and perfectly balanced for total control as you invert.

The practice of inversion therapy has been proven highly effective in the treatment of back pain providing relief from pain and discomfort especially in the lower back.

In addition, use of an inversion table can ease stress and fatigue, improve circulation and stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Why Choose the 66fit Professional Inversion Bench?

Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit Professional Inversion Table is a versatile product designed with portability, ergonomics and easy storage in mind.

Our professional quality couch has a sturdy metal construction comprising 25 adjustments and an adjustable belt which allows the user to select the angle of inversion required.

As you invert, the force of gravity counteracts any painful joint compressions (back neck or hips) optimising lumbar traction and allowing the muscles which support the vertebrae to relax. Pain is relieved and stress and fatigue reduced.

Max user weight of 136kg. Suitable for heights 4'9" to 6'6" tall.

Instructional graphics to show how to operate the inversion table are available online.

Please Note: Always consult your doctor before commencing inversion therapy. It is advised not to use the Pro Inversion Table if you have Glycaemia, Heart or Circulatory problems, Pregnancy, High or Low Blood Pressure, Fractures or Bone Weakness.


  • The 66fit Professional Inversion Table is specifically designed with the professional in mind.
  • Professional adjustable table allows the user total inversion.
  • 25 adjustments. Perfectly balanced for full control.
  • Max user weight 136kg. Suitable for users between 4'9" and 6'6".
  • Adjustable belt. Folds down for easy storage.

Colour: Black
Main Material: Metal
Presented In: Brown Box
Packed Weight: 26kg
Made in Taiwan