Pregnancy: Pelvic & Back Support to reduce pain

Support your "baby carrying" pelvis to reduce the stress placed on it and be in the best shape for delivery.  Gentle compression improves muscle tone and stability and reduces your pelvic and back pain.

Designed to be worn under regular clothes, adjustable and most importantly comfortable, SRC Pregnancy short and leggings will assist you in getting though the demands of work and exercise and aid in reduction of leg swelling, they can be worn from 12 weeks, until term.

Anatomical Support Panels deliver targeted compression, ideal for treating multiple conditions such as low back and pelvic girdle pain, vulval and mild / moderate leg varicose veins.

Over the bump: Soft stretch panel

Back Panel: Low back support and sacroiliac joint support 

Lower Abdominal Panel: Supports and protects the pregnant tummy 

Gusset Panel: Compression for vulval varicose venis and symptoms pubis dysfunction

Leg Panel: Encourages good venous return (medical grade graduated compression at 4-15mmHg)

Recovery: Improve Mobility Heal Faster

Speed up recovery with SRC Recovery Shorts and leggings.  Enjoy the support to move freely after delivery and make lifting, feeding, bathing and caring for your baby easier.  With no adjustable buttons, velcro or zips, the garment is like a second skin with no need to constantly adjust while wearing.

Recommended by health care professionals for improving mobility and pelvic muscle function post-partum.  Garment is ideal for exercise and for aesthetic reasons under fitted clothing.  Can be worn the day after delivery and for as long as it provides benefit.

Anatomical Support Panels deliver targeted compression, ideal for treating multiple conditions such as perineal wounds, C-Section, abdominal muscle seperation (DRAM).

Back Panel: Back support from T2 to L5

Abdominal Panel: Abdominal muscle seperation (DRAM)

Gusset Panel: Perineal trauma / stiches, C-section wounds

Leg Panel: Encourages good venous return (medical grade graduated compression at 4-15mmHg

Colour: Black

 How to measure:

Do not take your own measurement.

Compression garments require accurate to fit function.  Be measured in your underwear only.  Stand with your heels together and have the person measuring you keep the measuring tape straight.  They should place the tape over your hips, pubic bone and bottom at the fullest part.  The tape should touch your body at all points but not be pulled tight.