The Aluminium Reformer is a very versatile and professional reformer. It is an incredibly adaptable and durable piece of equipment made for maximum safety and durability.

Reformer Features:

  • Wheel suspension system for a smooth, quiet ride
  • Springs: 2 yellow (light), 2 green (medium), 1 red (heavy)
  • Special spring bar system, where you can adjust the position without removing the spring (4 positions)
  • Full-padded foot bar - adjustable to five vertical positions
  • 1 pair of pullies
  • One pair aluminium pulley risers
  • Loop/Handles: Triple D-Ring cotton loops (1 pair), Double loops (1 pair), 1 piece foot strap
  • 2 pieces removable shoulders
  • 2 wheels on the front of frame to make it easy to move
  • Folds flat - simply remove risers and shoulder rests
  • Includes the jump board and box


228cm x 58.5cm x 39cm