Introducing...FiBo Trainer your Central Station for muscle toning and single-session body workout

The FiBo Trainer is a truly unique piece of portable gym equipment facilitating a genuine total-body workout all in the one place.

Do everything. Literally
Unlike other portable exercise devices that target single large muscle groups such as abdominals, the Fibo Trainer gives you access to a whole series of strengthening exercises normally associated with an entire room full of gym equipment! In one session you can focus on toning your arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, hips and more.

Super Fast Set-up
Simply unfold the board, unclip the handles and Power Cords and you ready for up to 120 strengthening exercises targeting all muscle groups!

Special U-Handle design
Fibo Trainer patented U-Handles can be rotated into 4 different positions. Challenge yourself to push-ups in multiple positions. Use the handles to Anchor your feet for safer and more targeted ab crunches without straining your back and neck.

Unique Power Cord System
Have you ever bought exercise band and wondered what to do with it? Our Power Cord system features dual short, medium and long bands with graduated resistance levels. Conduct more than 100 exercises in multiple standing and seated positions, on both sides of your body. Simply snap the Power Cord onto any of the 4 Power Point locations on the board. Advanced user? Clip another Power Cord into the same Power Point and double the resistance for extreme difficulty!

Power Assist Handles, T-Bar & Ankle Cuffs
Fibo Trainer Power Cord handle accessories make exercises easier and let you focus on maintaining the best form for each exercise. Utilise the Ankle cuffs for maximal glute workouts, strengthening thighs and challenging core and hip routines.

Your multi-functional exercise kit:
1 x 
FiBo Trainer Exercise Board
2 x Metal U-Shape Handles with soft grip
2 x Power Cord Yellow ‚Äì 32cm / 3kg (7lb)
2 x Power Cord Red ‚Äì 55cm / 5kg (10lb)
2 x Power Cord Blue ‚Äì 65cm / 10kg (20lb)
2 x Assist Handles
2 x Assist Ankle Cuffs
1 x T-Bar Handle

All-in-one muscle toning for your entire body
Exercise anywhere even in a small room
Access over 120 exercises
Variable and progressive exercise system
Easy to use!

Packs down in 2 minutes
Folds away for storage
Wheels to assist moving your board
Safety covers on power cords

Super users Read here!
Want to increase difficulty and improve your core strength at the same time. Utilise a balance stability disc in your FiBo Trainer session. Rest one or both feet on a disc when doing standing exercises, or sit on the disc during your sit up regime. Kneel on a disc when performing wide-angle push-ups. Even more challenging? Add a slam ball to your ab twists or sit ups.

(NB: Discs and balls sold separately)