A lightweight, strong and durable casting tape that combines the benefits of a fibreglass casting tape, with the handling ease of plaster. Available in a variety of colours

Scotchcast Plus casting tape consists of a knitted fiberglass fabric impregnated with polyurethane resin. Exposure to moisture or water initiates a chemical reaction which causes the tape to become rigid. Finished casts produced from Scotchcast Plus casting tape are lightweight, strong, radiolucent, and porous. Scotchcast Plus casting tape contains a lubricating agent in the resin to provide a slippery feel when exposed to water.

Product Benefits:

  • Water activated resin lets you control working time according to application needs.
  • High and early strength allows for weight bearing in 20 minutes, providing a durable cast with less chance of breakdown and need for costly repairs and replacements.
  • Lightweight for easy mobility.
  • Stretches to conform well to contours for a more comfortable and better fitting cast.
  • Porous weave allows the skin to breathe.

Suggested Applications; For the use in construction of orthopaedic casts.